baseclick - inventor and patent holder of click chemistry

The most streamlined and simplified bioconjugation method

baseclick’s proprietary click chemistry is the most streamlined and simplified bioconjugation method in life science. The breakthrough in CuAAC or SPAAC, the so called click reaction, results in a convenient, versatile and reliable single step covalent coupling. The reactions require simple or no workup or purification of the product. 

Modify your oligos, your DNA and RNA, discover click chemistry tools such as clickable dyes, sugars, fatty acids, amino acids, biotin and more, improve your cell proliferation assays and profit from click chemistry in NGS enabling complete full-length information from 5’ to 3’ in transcriptomics. More

Valid until 30.06.2022.
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Featured: EdU Cell Proliferation Kits for Imaging

All EdU based proliferation kits on the market are patented by baseclick!

The EdU cell proliferation assays provide a superior alternative to BrdU assays. For monitoring of cell vitality, determining genotoxicity or evaluating anticancer drugs. No toxic effects in animals. Only actively dividing cells are measured. More


Clickable EdU allows detection of de novo DNA.

EdU (5-ethynyl-2’-deoxyuridine) is a nucleoside analog to thymidine and can be incorporated into DNA during active DNA synthesis. For convenient fluorescent read-outs to assess cell proliferation, cell cycles, viability, etc. More

EdU-Click 488, EdU-Click 647 & more

EdU Cell Proliferation Kits for Imaging. Advantages over BrdU or 3H-thymidine cell viability assays

These click assays show several advantages over other cell viability assays (BrdU or 3H-thymidine) making it superior evaluation tools for monitoring genotoxicity, evaluation of anticancer drugs or cell cycle analysis and for assessing cell vitality. Due to direct measurement of cell proliferation our assay is thus highly reliable and showing no toxic effects in animals. More