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Expert Tips and Solutions to Advance your Gut Microbiome and Colitis Research

Join MP Biomedicals for an insightful webinar focusing on „Expert Tips and Solutions to Advance Your Gut Microbiome and Colitis Research“ 🔬🧬

Designed to assist scientists and researchers, this webinar aims to enhance understanding and proficiency in gut microbiome and colitis sample preparation. Our seasoned experts will share invaluable insights garnered from extensive experience in the field, offering practical strategies to optimize sample collection, storage, and DNA extraction from gut microbiome and colitis samples. 👩‍🔬

Explore our comprehensive range of kits meticulously crafted to address your gut microbiome and colitis research needs with precision and reliability. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your research endeavors 🧬🧫

What you will learn:

  1. Relationship Between DSS-Induced Colitis and Gut Microbiome:
    • Exploring how DSS induced colitis affects the gut microbiome composition and the bidirectional relationship where changes in the gut microbiome can influence the severity and progression of colitis and related cancers.
  2. Tips for DSS Induced Colitis and Intestinal Cancer:
    • Understanding the mechanisms and providing practical strategies to manage DSS (Dextran Sulfate Sodium) induced colitis alongside the preventative measures and treatment options for minimizing the risk of progressing to intestinal cancer.
  3. Challenges and Solutions to DNA Extraction from Diverse Sample Types:
    • Identifying the technical challenges faced when extracting microbiome DNA and implementing solutions to ensure high-quality and consistent DNA extraction, crucial for accurate microbiome analysis.

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Bobby Lin Hsuan Jen
Product Specialist
Sonia Wong How Ming
Research Scientist
Delynn Xu
Global Head of Research, CTO

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