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Webinar: Epigenetic Ageing in the Fontan Patient

Dr. Drury and Dr. Clift discuss the impact of living with a Fontan circulation, which is the final common pathway for surgical palliation in patients born with a single ventricle heart condition, where there is only one functional pumping chamber.

Due to the success of surgery during early childhood, there is now a rapidly growing population of adults living with a Fontan circulation. However, it remains a life-limiting condition with few late treatment options. It also predisposes to multiple morbidities such as functional decline, neurocognitive impairment, sarcopenia, osteoporosis, and progressive renal dysfunction, which are usually associated with frailty and older age but occur during early adulthood.

This webinar explores their finding that the Fontan circulation is associated with accelerated epigenetic aging, which may provide a novel treatment opportunity to reduce the clinical effects of premature aging.

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