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Webinar: Magnetofection for Neurosciences

First topic: NeuroMag Transfection Reagent

>> NeuroMag Transfection Reagent is the first dedicated Magnetofection™ transfection reagent for a large variety of primary neurons (cortical, hippocampal, dorsal root ganglion, motor neurons…) with all types of nucleic acids. Due to its unique properties, NeuroMag allows following transfected neurons during several days.

Key benefits:

  • Great efficiency, ideal for primary neurons
  • Efficient from 0 DIV to 21 DIV
  • Non toxic and completely biodegradable: high transfected neurons viability
  • Ready-to-usestraightforward and rapid
  • For all types of nucleic acids

Figure 1: Rat hippocampal primary neurons were prepared in 24-well plates as described in the NeuroMag protocol. Cells were transfected after 14 DIV using 1 µg / well of pEGFP plasmid and 3.5 µL of NeuroMag or using the reagent LP according to the manufacturer instructions. Transfection efficiency was monitored by fluorescence microscopy 72 h post-transfection.

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Second topic: Glial-Mag 

>> Glial-Mag is designed to reach optimal transfection efficiency with microglial cell lines and primary cells. Glial-Mag kit is the association of a specific magnetic nanoparticles formulation (Glial-Mag reagent), issued from our Magnetofection™ technology and a booster (Glial-Boost) designed to enhance transfection efficiency.

Key benefits:

  • Highly efficient with microglial cell lines & primary cells
  • Low nucleic acid amount – minimized toxicity
  • High level of nucleic acid compaction
  • Easy and straightforward protocol
  • Compatible with any culture medium.
Figure 2:  0.2µg of pVectOZ-GFP (BV2/Primary) and 0.4µg were complexed with Glial-Mag at a 3.5:1 ratio and transfection was performed according to the standard protocol. After 24h, GFP+ cells were analysed by fluorescence microscopy and Flow cytometry.
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