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February 2023: MCE New Products

Dalazatide TFA


Kv1.3 Inhibitor/Inflammatory Diseases

  • A specific Kv1.3 potassium channel peptide inhibitor.
  • Used in the study of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.
  • Inhibits delayed-type hypersensitivity, suppresses the motility and activation of Tem cells in vivo.


CAS-No: 2171511-58-1


EGFR-MET Antibody/Immune Anticancer

  • Inhibits ligand binding, promotes endocytosis and degradation of receptor-antibody complexes.
  • Induces Fc-dependent cytokinesis in macrophages and antibody-dependent cytotoxicity in natural killer cells.
  • Exhibits anti-cancer activity in EGFR exon 20 insertion-driven NSCLC models.


CAS-No: 66529-17-7


α2-Adrenoceptor Antagonist/Blood Pressure/Blood Glucose

  • A potent α2-adrenoceptor antagonist.
  • Stimulates insulin release in vitro.
  • Increases blood pressure and reduces blood glucose levels in vivo.
  • Solubility: DMSO : 162.5 mg/mL (ultrasonic)


CAS-No: 2523016-96-6


PROTAC PARP1 Degrader/Cancer

  • A highly potent and specific PROTAC degrader of PARP1.
  • Exhibits significant antitumor activity in breast cancer models
  • Solubility: DMSO : 200 mg/mL (228.06 mM; Need ultrasonic)


CAS-No: 2360853-16-1


PARP14 Inhibitor/Inflammatory Diseases

  • A selective PARP14 inhibitor with an IC50 value of 4 nM.
  • Inhibits PARP14-mediated ADP-ribosylation and stabilizes PARP14 in cells.
  • Used in research of inflammation. Improves steroid-resistant asthma in vivo
  • Solubility: DMSO : 12.5 mg/mL (27.81 mM; ultrasonic and warming and heat to 80°C)

February 2023: Latest Publications Citing Use of MCE Products

New Nature Magazines February 2023

Nature. 2023 Jan;613(7942):187-194.
Nature. 2022 Dec;612(7941):725-731.
Nature. 2023 Jan;613(7942):145-152.
Nature. 2023 Jan;613(7942):120-129.
Immunity. 2023 Jan 10;56(1):180-192.e11.

January 2023: MCE New Products


CAS-No: 2488952-40-3


EED Inhibitor/Lymphoma

  • A potent and orally active embryonic ectoderm development (EED) inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.2 nM
  • Efficaciously inhibits Pfeiffer and KARPAS422 lymphoma cancer cells with IC50 values of 20 pM and 0.5 nM, respectively
  • Significantly induces tumor regression in KARPAS422 xenograft mouse models
  • Solubility: DMSO, 125 mg/mL (260.67 mM; Need ultrasonic)


CAS-No: 859525-02-3


Glucokinase Activator/Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

  • An orally active and liver-selective glucokinase (GK) activator
  • Increases glucose metabolism in rat hepatocytes with EC50 values of 2.39 μM and 2.64 μM for lactate and glycogen, respectively
  • Reduces blood glucose, lactate and triglyceride concentrations in ob/ob mouse models with severe diabetes
  • Solubility: DMSO 125 mg/mL (274.35 mM; Need ultrasonic)


CAS-No: 371217-32-2


ASIC-3 Inhibitor/Depression and Pain

  • A potent acid-sensing ion channel 3 (ASIC-3) inhibitor with an IC50 of 1.025 μM
  • Dose-dependently inhibits all ASIC currents (IC50s of 2-30 µM)
  • Shows fully analgesic effects in Complete Freund’s adjuvant (CFA)-induced inflammatory thermal hyperalgesia rat models
  • Solubility: DMSO 125 mg/mL (314.42 mM; Need ultrasonic) 


CAS-No: 1375752-78-5


mGluR5 Silent Allosteric Modulator/Alzheimer's Disease

  • An orally active and BBB penetrable mGluR5silent allosteric modulator (SAM) with a Ki value of 0.6 nM
  • Prevents amyloid-β oligomer (Aβo) mediated toxicity and Aβo-induced signal transduction in brain slices
  • Rescues memory deficits and synaptic depletion in Alzheimer’s disease transgenic mouse models
  • Solubility: DMSO 100 mg/mL (266.79 mM; Need ultrasonic) 

January 2023: Latest Publications Citing Use of MCE Products

New Nature Magazines January 2023

Nature. 2022 Dec;612(7940):555-563. 
Science. 2022 Dec 2;378(6623):eabo5503. 
Cell. 2022 Nov 10;185(23):4347-4360.e17. 
Cell. 2022 Dec 8;185(25):4801-4810.e13. 

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