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MedChem Express (MCE) - New Products 2024

Learn about the latest products from MedChemExpress (MCE), including more than 100,000 bioactive compounds, dye reagents, peptides and natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use. 

  • Over 100’000 bioactive molecules in stock
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New Products February 2024

New Bioactive Molecules for February 2024

CAS No.: 147030-48-6


Research Area: Potassium Channel/Thyroid Hormone Receptor/Cardiovascular Disease

KB130015 structure
An orally active antiarrhythmic agent and a derivative of Amiodarone.
A hERG1 (Kv11.1) potassium channels activator, blocking native and recombinant hERG1 channels at high voltages, but activating them at low voltages.
A human thyroid hormone receptor α (ThRα) and ThRβ antagonist.
  Solubility: DMSO : 100 mg/mL (182.45 mM; Need ultrasonic)


CAS No.: 1345964-89-7


Research Area: Neuropeptide Y Receptor/Neurological Disease

ML154 structure
A selective, brain-penetrant and non-peptide neuropeptide S receptor (NPSR) antagonist with a pA2 of 9.98.
Potently inhibits NPS-stimulated cellular calcium, cAMP, and ERK phosphorylation responses with IC50 values of 36.5 nM, 22.1 nM, and 9.3 nM, respectively.
Decreases alcohol self-administration in vivo, and has the potential for the alcoholism research.
  Solubility: DMSO : 62.5 mg/mL (114.58 mM; Need ultrasonic)


CAS No.: 2489226-14-2


Research Area: Ras/KRASG12C/Cancer

AZD4747 structure
A selective, brain-penetrant and orally active mutant GTPase KRASG12C inhibitor with an IC50 of 15 nM.
Shows highly selective for reaction with the cysteine in KRASG12C and has a selective antiproliferative phenotype in cancer cells bearing the G12C mutation.
Used for the research in KRASG12C-positive tumors, including central nervous system (CNS) metastases.
  Solubility: DMSO : 250 mg/mL (567.03 mM; Need ultrasonic)


CAS No.: 2998-57-4


Research Area: Microtubule/Tubulin/Prostate Cancer

Estramustine structure
An orally active antimicrotubule, alkylating, and antineoplastic agent, depolymerizes microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) by binding to tubulin.
An Estradiol derivative with a nitrogen mustard moiety that selectively binds to active estrogen receptors.
Exhibits antimitotic activity in DU 145 cells, and has the potential for the prostate cancer research.
  Solubility: DMSO : 100 mg/mL (227.07 mM; Need ultrasonic)


Natural Products as Vaccine Adjuvants
Vaccine adjuvants are used to enhance the immune stimulating and therapeutic effect of cancer vaccines. In previous studies, natural products as vaccine adjuvants have been shown to effectively enhance immune stimulation and reverse immune suppression induced by related factors and cells. Among them, saponins, polysaccharides, and flavonoids are three major natural products with the potential to be developed as qualified adjuvants for cancer vaccines.
Product Name CAS Description
QS-21 141256-04-4 An immunostimulating saponin vaccine adjuvant. QS-21 stimulates Th2 humoral and Th1 cell-mediated immune responses through action on antigen presenting cells (APCs) and T cells.
Ginsenoside Rg1 22427-39-0 One of the major active components of Panax ginseng, ameliorating the impaired cognitive function, displays promising effects by reducing cerebral Aβ levels.
Curcumin 458-37-7 A specific inhibitor of acetyltransferase p300/CREB binding protein that inhibits the acetylation of histone/non-histone proteins.
It has various pharmacological effects such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-proliferation and anti-angiogenesis.
λ-Carrageenan 9064-57-7 A seaweed polysaccharide vaccine adjuvant that is widely used as a pro-inflammatory agent and anti-tumor active molecule.
Rutin 153-18-4 A flavonoid vaccine adjuvant widely present in a variety of plants, it has multiple biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, antioxidant, neuroprotective, renal protection, liver protection and reducing Aβ oligomer activity.
Naringenin 480-41-1 A potent vaccine adjuvant with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.
MCE Compound Library
Provides a professional compound library to serve research in multiple fields including cancer.
Product Name Size Description
Anti-Drug-Resistant Compound Library 300+ Drug resistance problem has long affected the development of anticancer drugs.
Anti-drug resistance compounds can be widely used in research to overcome multidrug resistance in cancer treatment.
Allosteric Modulators (AMs) Compound Library 160+ Allosteric modulators (AMs) change the conformation of biological targets by binding to secondary allosteric sites, thereby affecting their biological activity.
Allosteric modulators can be used as tool compounds for research on metabolism, cancer and other diseases.
Latest Publications Citing Use of MCE Products
Covers of Recent Publications Cell. 2024 Jan 4;187(1):44-61.e17.
Cell.2023 Nov 22;186(24):5347-5362.e24.
Cell. 2024 Jan 4;187(1):166-183.e25.
Cancer Cell. 2024 Jan 8;42(1):135-156.e17.

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