Replace discontinued R-Biopharm tests with equivalent Megazyme assays

Solutions to the food quality market

Megazyme, a NEOGEN® Company, provides solutions to the food quality market with a range of high-quality products setting new standards in accuracy, reliability, and convenience. Products include Assay Kits, Enzymes, Carbohydrates and Enzyme Substrates.

Suitable for:

  • Commercial Labs providing analytical services to third parties
  • Processed Food, Beverage and Animal Feed Manufacturers: for raw material / in-process / QC analysis & labelling
  • R&D personnel in academia/industry
Analyte Discontinued R-Biopharm products NEOGEN - Megazyme product equivalent
Citric Acid 10139076035 K-CITR
D-Malic Acid 11215558035 K-DMAL
Maltose/Sucrose/Glucose 11113950035 K-MASUG
D- / L- Lactid Acid 11112821035 K-DLATE
Ammonia 11112732035 K-AMIAR
Lactose / D-Glucose 10986119035 K-LOLAC
Formic Acid 10979732035 K-FORM
Hydroxybutyric Acid 10907979035 K-HDBA
Sulfite 10725854035 K-ETSULPH
Sucrose / Glucose / Fructose 10716260035 K-SUFRG
Glucose 10716251035 K-GLUHK
Sorbitol / Xylitol 10670057035 K-SORB
Acetaldehyde 10668613035 K-ACHYD
Urea / Ammonia 10542946035 K-URAMR
Gluconic Acid 10428191035 K-GATE
Raffinose 10428167035 K-RAFGA
Ascorbic Acid 10409677035 K-ASCO
Starch 10207748035 K-TSTA / K-TSHK or E-AMGDF & K-GLUHK
Lactose / Galactose 10176303035 K-LACGAR
Ethanol 10176290035 K-ETOH
Succinic Acid 10176281035 K-SUCC
Glycerol 10148270035 K-GCROL
Acetic Acid 10148261035 K-ACET
Glucose / Fructose 10139106035 K-FRUGL
Glutamic Acid 10139092035 K-GLUT
L- Lactic Acid 10139084035 K-LATE
L- Malic Acid 10139068035 K-LMAL
Sucrose / Glucose 10139041035 K-SUFRG

Megazyme benefits:

  1. Excellent purity
  2. Secure supply
  3. In-house manufacturing
  4. Excellent technical support
  5. Availability of MegaCalc sheets to facilitate calculations for the analyst
  6. Kit methods compatibility with various Official Methods
  7. Products compatible with manual assay procedures, microplates and autoanalysers

Lactose / D-Glucose Assay Kit

  • World’s first sequential assay for lactose, i.e. improves accuracy and efficiency 
  • Contains a specific β-galactosidase for the selective measurement of lactose in dairy products 
  • Efficient pre-treatment step allows for accurate measurement of lactose in “low-lactose” and “lactose-free” dairy products 
  • Lower limit of detection (LOD) than any other commercially available enzymatic lactose detection method. LOD at 1.62 mg/L.

Citric Acid Assay Kit

  • Extended cofactors stability. Dissolved cofactors stable for > 1 year at 4oC.
  • Reconstituted citrate lyase stable for 4 weeks at 4oC / 6 months below -10o
  • Buffer / cofactor / enzyme tablets for efficient use of kit components 
  • PVP incorporated to prevent tannin inhibition 
  • Very competitive price (cost per test) 
  • Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from our website for hassle-free raw data processing 
  • Suitable for manual, microplate and auto-analyser formats