PROGEN - AAV monitoring reagents | Rare biomedical research and bacteria antibodies

PROGEN provides an exclusive and comprehensive portfolio of reagents for AAV monitoring, including AAV antibodies, AAV titration ELISA kits, AAV standards and density gradient media.

In addition, PROGEN provides a unique portfolio of >1,000 antibodies for biomedical research, > 400 antibodies for pathology and a comprehensive portfolio of rare bacteria antibodies.

PROGEN is DIN EN ISO13485 certified and is made up of a team of experts within AAV and the life sciences and is partnered with gene therapy experts worldwide.

AAV antibodies, AAV titration ELISAs, AAV standards, density gradient media

Monitor AAV identity, yield, potency, purity and integrity

NEW AAV VP Capsid Protein Standards

VP Protein Standard Kit New

In addition to AAV2 VP Capsid Protein Standards, a further four new serotypes of AAV recombinant protein standards are now available: Discover AAV5, AAV6, AAV8 and AAV9 VP Capsid Protein standards!

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Density Gradient Media

Density Gradient Media - Lymphoprep Principle

The media are used in density gradient separation for the purification not only of cells and organelles but also membrane vesicles, viruses, proteins, nucleic acids and lipoproteins.

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AAV8 empty capsids

AAV Empty Capsids

Used as a reference material (positive control) in a variety of applications. Serotype-specific conformational epitopes. Free from additives and quality controlled.

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AAV Capsid Western Blot

AAV Capsid Protein Antibodies

Specifically react with denatured AAV capsid proteins and recognize the linear epitopes of the viral capsids VP1, VP2 and VP3 across serotypes.

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AAV Intact Particle Antibodies

Specifically react with intact AAV particles, i.e. empty and full capsids and recognize a conformational epitope of the assembled capsid of certain serotypes. 

AAV Lateral Flow Test

Dip'n'Check AAV Lateral Flow Tests

Quick and reliable lateral flow assay for semi-quantitative detection of fully assembled AAV capsids using serotype-specific antibodies.

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ReplicaseAAV2 Western Blot

AAV Replicase Antibodies

Detect the four AAV regulatory proteins Rep78, Rep68, Rep52 and Rep40.

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AAV Titration ELISA Kit

AAV Titration ELISAs

Titration ELISA for quantification and detection of full and empty capsids.
ELISA Xpress Kit


Fast, easy and reliable AAV titer determination in less than 2 hours.

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AAV ELISA control vial

AAV Control ELISAs

Reliable serotype-specific positive control for AAV ELISAs.

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Bacteria Antibodies - Fair Priced!

Rare high quality antibodies for biomedical research

Colon (rat) IHC

p62/SQSTM1 Antibodies

  • The p62/SQSTM1 protein plays a central role in ubiquitin-associated degradation, nuclear signaling, autophagy etc.
  • For monitoring of ubiquitin-associated degradation
  • Flexible use in WB, ICC-IF, IHC and IP – Highly published!

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Perilipin IF staining

Lipid Metablosim - Perilipin Antibodies

  • > 20 antibodies against all five perilipins
  • Mouse monocl. Ab’s and guinea pig polycl. Ab’s
  • Wide range of applications – WB, IHC, IF, ICC
  • Independently validated
Desmosome overview

Desmosome & Cell Adhesion Antibodies

  • > 20 antibodies against almost all desmosome proteins
  • Mono- and polyclonal, some from different hosts
  • Co-staining possible
  • Validated for IHC, WB, IF and ICC

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Keratin overview

Keratin Antibodies

  • > 100 antibodies against several keratins
  • Cytokeratin and hair keratin antibodies
  • Broad range of applications – WB, IHC and IC
  • Positive controls for western blot available