PROTHERMAL® - Keep your water bath clean!

Concentrate for maintaining water quality in waterbaths and thermostats

Lucerna-Chem provides you with Prothermal® , an approved concentrate for maintaining water quality in your water baths and thermostats. Prothermal® prolongs the life of the filled water by preventing the growth of microorganisms. In addition, Prothermal® protects your equipment from calcareous deposits, thus ensuring a uniform heat transfer. The effectiveness of Prothermal® can be monitored by the blue color.

Shelf life of Prothermal® is  >3 years at room temperature.

Main Features and Advantages of Prothermal®

Prothermal® prevents...

  • Microorganism proliferation, such as algae, mold and bacteria
  • Development of odour
  • Precipitation of salts
  • Calcareous deposition

Benefits of Prothermal®

  • Time and cost savings due to rare water changes
  • Protection against clogging and contamination of the tempered equipment and water pipes
  • Consistency of heat transfer due to the cleaning effect on various parts of the equipment

Usage of Prothermal®

Prothermal® is suitable for...

  • Waterbaths and thermostats
  • Heatable cuvette-holders
  • All temperable watercooling systems

Instructions for use

  1. Clean the water bath / thermostat
  2. Add 2-3ml (if <50°C) or 1-2ml (if >50°C) Prothermal® per 1 litre of de-mineralised water (final concentration is 0.1 – 0.3%)
  3. Monitor the effectiveness of Prothermal® by the blue color of the water. In general, Prothermal® should be renewed after 2 months in water baths and after 3-4 months in closed cooling systems.