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Gain quantitative single cell insights with flow cytometry and FACS reagents that come with the quality expected from RayBiotech. Differentiate your cell populations in complex samples with RayBright conjugated antibodies providing excellent brightness and covering most of the common emission colors of similar dyes! 

  • RayBiotech offers over 820 Flow Cytometry Antibodies
  • RayBiotech offers Live/Dead Markers, Intracellular Staining and Apoptosis Kits
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Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Different cell populations can be distinguished from one another in a complex sample using flow cytometry antibodies conjugated to non-overlapping fluorophores.

RayBiotech offers RayBright® dyes with excellent brightness, covering most of the common emission colors of similar dyes. Read more

RayBright® Dye Labeling Results

Flow Cytometry RayBright-labeling
RayBiotech Superior Fluorochromes Excitation Laser Max Excitation/Emission Replacing dyes of equivalent wavelengths
RayBright® UV 450 UV 355 347/448 nm Alexa Fluor 350
RayBright® Violet 450 Violet 407 403/454 nm Pacific Blue, Alexa Fluor 450
RayBright® Violet 500 Violet 407 405/537 nm Alexa Fluor 430, BV510
RayBright® Violet 600 Violet 407 407/600 nm BD Brilliant Violet 605
RayBright® Violet 655 Violet 407 407/655 nm BD Brilliant Violet 655
RayBright® Blue 488 Blue 488 491/518 nm Alexa Fluor 488, FITC, BD BB515
RayBright® Blue/Green 575 Blue 488/Green 561 505/570, 553/570 nm R-PE, Cy3
RayBright® Green 594 Green 561 594/614 nm PE-Texas Red, PE-CF594, PE-eFluor610
RayBright® Blue/Green 647 (PE-tandem dye) Blue 488/Green 561 496/664, 565/664 nm PE-Cy5
RayBright® Blue/Green 780 (PE-tandem dye) Blue 488/Green 561 496/780, 565/780 nm PE-Cy7, PE-Alexa Fluor 750
RayBright® Red 647 Red 640 649/664 nm APC, Alexa Fluor 647, Cy5
RayBright® Red 700 Red 640 685/710 nm Alexa Fluor 700, APC-R700
RayBright® Red 780 Red 640 629/780 nm Alexa Fluor 750, APC-eFluor 780
Traditional dyes Excitation Laser Max Excitation/Emission
PerCP Blue 488 482/667 nm
R-PE Blue 488/Green 561 496/780, 565/780 nm
APC Red 640 651/662 nm


  • Hard-to-find violet channel antibodies
  • Custom fluorophore conjugation
  • Free trial sizes (5 µg) of any of our RayBright® antibodies
  • Bulk discounts and long-term supply agreements available
  • Custom antibody production available
Flow Cytometry T-Helper Data

Detection of specific T helper populations, including Th1, Th2, Th17, and Tregs

Live/Dead Markers - RayBright® LIVE dyes

As understanding of the degree of cell death in a flow cytometry assay is critical towards any analysis of cell population, the use of live/dead markers remain essential to elucidate viability.

RayBright® LIVE dyes are amine-reactive fluorescent dyes that helping distinguish between live and dead cells in flow cytometry analysis. RayBright® LIVE dyes bind with a much brighter signal in dead cells than in living cells. Living cells refuse the dye while dead cells are stained both on the cell surface and intracellularly. Supplied frozen in DMSO solution at a pre-titrated concentration. Read more

Flow Cytometry live-dead-stain

Intracellular Staining Kits

The RayBiotech Intracellular Staining Kit is designed to allow for intracellular staining of target cytokines, proteins, or other factors in activated or treated cell populations. The kit includes both Brefeldin A and Monensin both of which inhibit the Golgi apparatus function, trapping normally secreted cytokine and proteins inside cells during incubation. Following incubation, the included saponin-containing buffer is used to permeabilize cells in order to allow intracellular antibodies entry through the plasma membrane. Read more

Flow Cytometry intracellular staining Kit

RayBio® Annexin V Apoptosis Kit (RayBright® V450)

The RayBiotech Annexin V Detection Kit is a sensitive assay of cell apoptosis by flow cytometry. Live and dead cells can be discriminated by RayBright Live/dead markers, a group of small organic dye. Unlike other apoptosis assay using propidium iodide (PI) or 7-AAD, RayBio Annexin V apoptosis Detection Kit can combine with further immunophenotyping that requires cell fixation. Read more

Flow Cytometry Apoptosis Annexin V Kit