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Abeomics - Antibodies, Biosimilars and Reporter Cell Lines

Explore Abeomics‘ top-tier products ranging from antibodies, recombinant antibodies, engineered cell lines, biosimilars and recombinant proteins to kits, & reagents. Join researchers worldwide who trust Abeomics for groundbreaking results. View Product Citation Booklet 

Abeomics additionally provides a comprehensive range of custom services.


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Biosimilars are biological products such as proteins and antibodies that are highly analogous to FDA‐approved biologic reference products and have no clinically meaningful differences in terms of safety and effectiveness from reference products. Biosimilar monoclonal antibodies are an important part of the biosimilar family. Abeomics provides an array of biosimilar monoclonal and recombinant monoclonal antibodies.
Recombinant Biosimilar Antibodies

Recombinant anti-ErbB2/HER2 Antibody (Trastuzumab)

Cat# 10-2002

Trastuzumab ErbB2-HER2

Clone: ABM2A1G1
Clonality: Monoclonal
Application: Functional Assay, FACS
Reactivity: Human

Recombinant anti-CD47 Antibody (Magrolimab) (Hu5F9-G4)

Cat# 12-9061


Clonality: Monoclonal
Application: ELISA, FACS
Reactivity: Human

Anti-PD-1 (Opdivo) (Nivolumab) mAb

Cat# 12-2001

12-2001 PD1 Coomassie

Clonality: Monoclonal
Application: ELISA
Reactivity: Human

Antibody Range

Abeomics provide comprehensive monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development services starting from antigen design, peptide synthesis, and recombinant protein production. Abeomics develops monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies from synthetic peptides including phospho or acetylated peptides, recombinant proteins, gel-eluted protein, etc. 

Abeomics Antibodies

Reporter Cell Lines | Stable Cell Lines

Reporter Cell Lines

Reporter cell lines are existing cell lines to which reporter genes are added (GFP, RFP, Luciferase, SEAP, and others), enabling the monitoring and observation of protein expression. Abeomics provides a wide range of reporter cell lines, such as NF-kB LeeporterTLR4/IL-8 LeeporterNFAT Leeporter, STAT1 Leeporter, and IL-6 Leeporter, to help scientists and researchers in the discovery of novel reporter genes for application in life science and biotechnology research.

Stable Cell Lines

The stable cell lines’ portfolio of Abeomics contains several molecules that are involved in immune modulation such as, PD-1 cell linePD-L1 cell linePD-L2 cell lineCTLA-4 Cell lineICOS and ICOSL Cell lineTIM3 cell lineCTLA4 Stable Cell LineACE2/HEK293 Stable Cell LineACE2/VERO Stable Cell Line, and Vista Stable Cell Line etc.

GFP/U87MG Stable Cell Line

Cat# 14-903ACL

Stable Cell Line_U87MG-GFP_F1

Application: Functional Assay, FACS

NF-kB Leeporter™ Luciferase Reporter-HEK293 Cell Line

Cat# 14-125ACL

Reporter Cell Line NF-kB_HEK293

Application: Functional Assay

MIP-2 Leeporter™ Luciferase Reporter-RAW264.7 Cell Line

Cat# 14-104ACL

Reporter Cell Line MIP-2_RAW264.7

Application: Functional Assay