Zymo Research - DirectDetect eliminates the need for RNA extraction in COVID-19 testing workflows

DNA/RNA Shield DirectDetect allows to go directly to PCR

DNA/RNA Shield DirectDetect is a reagent that allows users to go from sample collection directly to PCR. DNA/RNA Shield DirectDetect safeguards viral genomes (nucleic acids) from degradation and provides ambient temperature collection and transportation of samples without the need for nucleic acid extraction.*

*DNA/RNA Shield DirectDetect does not inactivate pathogens. For inactivating transport media, see DNA/RNA Shield.

DirectDetect in COVID-19 Testing - From Sample Collection Directly to PCR

Direct Detect Data Collection Drawing

Eliminates the need for RNA (or DNA) extraction, allowing for rapid, direct, cost-effective analysis of samples

Direct Detect Analysis Drawing

No inhibition of real-time PCR

Direct Detect Tube Drawing

Reduces sample viscosity to minimize pipetting errors with automated liquid handlers

Zymo DirectDetect - No PCR Inhibition

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 from Swabs Collected into DirectDetect

Compared to other reagents used for collecting swab samples, such as saline, DirectDetectTM does not inhibit downstream real-time PCR.

Swabs were collected into either DirectDetectTM or 0.9% saline, and then spiked with heat-inactivated SARS-CoV-2 at a concentration of 5,000 copy/mL. 10μl of each sample was used as input into the Quick SARS-CoV-2 Multiplex Kit (R3013) for real-time PCR analysis

Direct Detect Data