Medicago - Biological buffers and Active Lectins

Medicago is a world-leading provider of standardized products including buffers provided as pre-made tablets or powder pouches, reagents for a wide range of life-science applications, active lectins with consistent high quality, bioactive molecules and immunological kits.

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SmartBuffers™ - Biological Buffers in Perfect Quality

PBS, PBS-Tween, TBS, TBS-Tween, Tris-EDTA, NaPi, SSPE, HEPES etc.

Medicago specializes in the production of high-quality, pre-weighted buffers in the format of tablets or pouches, marketed under the brand name SmartBuffers™. The product range consists of more than 50 buffers all manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards. They ensure unparalleled quality and reproducibility from batch to batch, save time, and optimize daily laboratory workflows. Read more

Pre-made tablets or powder pouches

SmartBuffers™ are supplied as pre-made tablets or powder pouches with a given concentration and pre-set pH. This eliminates errors related to buffer preparation (e.g. calculation, pH adjustment, contamination risk) and ensures perfect buffer quality every time.

Convenient, climate- and storage-friendly format

Several different package types and sizes are available. Tablets are packed in sealed containers or convenient blister packs while powder comes in sealed aluminium foil pouches.

The smart format is beneficial for you and for the climate. For example, one container of PBS tablets has the same environmental impact as 100 plastic bottles of liquid buffer.

A solid buffer takes up less space and also has a considerably longer preservation time than the corresponding liquid buffer.  

5 minutes to complete buffer preparation

Just dissolve one tablet or the contents of one powder pouch in the specified volume of deionized water, and your buffer solution is ready-to-use in less than 5 minutes.

Medicage Buffer Tablet
Medicago Buffer Storage

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ActiveLectins™ - High share of active molecules

Over 20 listed lectin species with a spread of affinities covering the most common saccharides

Medicago is a world-leading lectin provider, widely renowned for its superb product quality and one of the highest production capacities in the market, with the ability to deliver up to kilogram scale. Medicago can also provide customized versions of most of the listed standard lectin products, including Biotin and FITC conjugation. Medicago ActiveLectins™ are recognized for their high share of active molecules and come in the form of freeze-dried powder. Read more

High quality lectins

Lectins are found naturally in numerous plant types around the world. Their sugar specificity, including the ability to selectively bind the unique glycoproteins covering the surfaces of viruses and bacteria, make them very useful as ligands in affinity chromatography as well as targeting probes for labelling and histochemistry.

These factors make lectins an essential research substance and production component for vaccines, vaccine adjuvants and many other pharmaceuticals. Given the importance of lectins in e.g. immunological and pharmaceutical research and development, the high product quality delivered by Medicago is of the essence.

High share of active molecules

Medicago lectins are produced using affinity chromatography. Medicago has managed to gradually optimize this process so that today they can obtain lectins with a very high purity, and with a very high share of active moieties relative to inactive ones.

Protein activity is assayed in-house, and a certificate of protein activity is provided with every delivery as a quality assurance. 

Freeze-drying for secure transportation

Preserving product quality all the way to the customer’s application is challenging for any lectin supplier. In one of Northern Europe’s largest freeze-drying plants, Medicago ActiveLectins™ are produced and delivered in the form of an easily manageable powder. Medicago is therefore able to preserve product quality and simplify transportation, while eliminating the need for sensitive handling of a frozen fluid-based solution.

Lectin Beans

Additional Medicago Product Range

Reagents: SmartReagents™


Immuno-, biotech- and lab reagents
Medicago offers a wide range of reagents. Marketed under the brand name SmartReagents™, their high-quality reagents are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, extensively tested and suitable for a wide range of life-science applications. Read more

Bioactive molecules & Immunologocal Kits

Bioactive Molecules

Medicago’s bioactive molecules include bioactive proteins such as Protein A, Calmodulin and saponin. Read more

Medicago offers two complete, standardized enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits . Read more