MP Biomedicals - FastPrep-24™ 5G Tissue Homogenizer

Advanced bench-top bead beating grinder and lysis system

MP Biomedicals FastPrep-24™ 5G is a versatile sample disruption instrument designed to quickly and efficiently homogenize, grind, or lyse biological samples. It eliminates the risk of cross-contamination, processes any tissue or cellular sample type and provides the highest yield of DNA, RNA and Proteins in a very short processing time. Samples are added to individual lysing matrix tubes and placed into sample holder adapters within the instrument. The tridimensional motion results in the collision of the sample material with the lysing matrix particles.

Specifications of the FastPrep-24™ 5G Instrument

Sample Capacity
Up to 48
2ml, 4.5ml, 15ml, 50ml
Cryogenic lysis
Touch Screen
Pre-Defined Protocols
User-Defined Protocols
Min Speed
4.0 m/s
Max Speed
10.0 m/s
<2 sec to max
<2 sec to stop
Typical Lysis Time
20 seconds
490 mm (H) x 472 mm (W) x 385 mm (L)
23.6 kg
<70 dB
  • The Most Advanced Sample Preparation System
  • Provides the highest yield of DNA, RNA and Proteins
  • Processes any tissue or cellular sample type
  • Short processing time
  • Intuitive software, user-friendly touch screen

Interchangeable Adapters for FastPrep-24™ 5G

Lysing Beads & Matrices

Optimal cell disruption for any sample type

FastPrep® Lysing beads and matrices make difficult-to-lyse samples easy and provides you the highest yields of nucleic acids and proteins in a matter of seconds. Read more

  • Bead size and composition optimized according to the sample
  • Standard sizes and certified DNAse- & RNAse-free bead beating tubes
  • Use with any high-speed bead-beating homogenizer
  • Validated worldwide, 3’000+ publications

Pre-aliquoted Lysing Matrix Tubes

Ready-to-use Format

Choose the best beads for your sample disruption and the best tube size for your workflow. 

Lysing Matrix Beads A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I , J, K, M, SS, Y, Z are available as pre-aliquoted tubes in the sizes 2ml, 4.5ml, 15ml, 50ml.

Bulk Lysing Matrices

Attractive Bulk Prices

Get any beads or tubes in bulk packaging!

– Bulk Lysing Matrix Beads (A,… SS, Y, Z)
– Bulk Ceramic Spheres
– Bulk Glass Beads
– Bulk Yellow Zirconium Oxide Beads

FastPrep Lysing Matrices Overview