MS Validated Antibodies (MSVA) - Monoclonal IHC antibodies

Large-Scale Validated Antibodies for Immunohistochemistry of normal & cancer tissue

MS Validated Antibodies (MSVA) is specialized in immunohistochemistry and provides a unique wealth of information for every antibody on the MSVA homepage, because the key to successful Immunohistochemistry is: Know your antibody!

Most of MSVA’s antibodies are rabbit recombinant antibodies. These share the advantage of complete reproducibility of their production because they are not generated by potentially unstable hybridoma cells but produced “in lab” based on the known DNA sequence of the antibody chains.

Key benefits of MSVA

  • Extremely sophisticated product selection – only 130 antibodies out of 4000 candidates were selected for the MSVA portfolio
  • Extensive validation process on tissues 
  • Unique documentation
  • A gallery for normal and tumor tissues (> 50 images) is supplied for each antibody 
  • Only 1 antibody per target to avoid confusion on what clone to select
  • Protocol suggestions (Manual Protocol, Dako, Leica & Ventana autostainers) 
  • Published data on the performance characteristics of MSVA antibodies on >10,000 tumors are compiled on the MSVA website 
    E.g. available for: PLAP, CPA1, Mesothelin, CK19, CK6, MUC5AC, Arginase-1, DOG-1

The MSVA Validation Approach - Specificity testing

Recommended by the International Working Group for Antibody Validation (IWGAV)

1. Look up

Look up RNA data and the protein on the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) to see in what tissues we expect staining

2. Stain

Stain the antibody on a tissue microarray containing different normal tissues and different tumor types. See if staining matches HPA

3. Compare

We compare with independent clones for the same target to confirm or disconfirm staining. For the given example (PLAP MSVA candidate #2) the placenta staining is confirmed.

But other positive stainings are obviously non-specific. As the other antibody does not show them and RNA expression does not suggest these stainings.

We compare with an established clone (8A9) to confirm the results (see image beside). Again: Placenta staining is confirmed. And even more non-specificity for this PLAP antibody!

Decision: PLAP antibody „MSVA Product candidate #2” – discarded due to cross-reactivity“

Featured MSVA validated antibodies


A variable fraction of Ki67 positive cells is seen in virtually every tumor. The percentage of positive tumors is highly variable both within and between tumor entities. 



Patterns of PD-L1 immunostaining are highly heterogeneous in cancer tissues.
Staining can involve both cancer cells and tumor associated macrophages. 



A positive CD45 immunostaining occurs in the vast majority of leukemias, malignant lymphomas, mast cell neoplasms, histiocytic and dendritic cell neoplasms. 



Loss of E-Cadherin expression is characteristic of lobular breast cancer and also occurs in other tumor entities that are characterized for a discohesive tumor growth.



Marker for germ cell tumors and various types of adenocarcinomas.

CTLA-4 / CD152

Pivotal target in immune-oncology (e.g. Hodgkin’s lymphoma).


TIM-3 positive lymphocytes and macrophages occur in virtually all cancers.


Carboxypeptidase A1 is expressed on neoplastic pancreatic acinar cells.

Only excellent antibodies validated in more than a thousand tissues

Only one antibody per target, which performs at least as well as its “best in class” competitor

Unique documentation of antibody performance