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High Quality Disposable Cell Culture & Labware, Lab Equipement, Instruments

Plates, Flasks, Dishes, Tubes, Vials, Erlenmeyer, Pipette Tips, Filter, Racks, Cuvettes, Gloves etc.

NEST is global biotech consumable Manufacturer (ISO9001 & ISO13485) providing laboratory consumables and lab instruments for research.

Discover various formats of Plates, Dishes, Flasks and Multilayer Flasks for Cell Culture, Petri Dishes, ELISA Plates, Storage Bottles, Tubes, (Micro-)Centrifuge Tubes, Vials, Erlenmeyer Systems, Bioprocess Systems Accessories, various formats of Pipette Tips, Filters, Filter Systems, Cuvettes, Needles & Loops, Masks, Gloves etc. Browse apparatus including Pipettes, Baths, Centrifuges, Extraction Systems, Shakers, Rollers etc.

Laboratory Consumables

NEST offers high quality laboratory consumables to ensure reliable and guaranteed results. The superior properties of NEST products enable smoother, easier and more reliable laboratory operations. No lubricants, plasticizers or bacteriostatic agents are added during manufacture, significantly reducing the effects of chemical precipitation on samples. NEST consumables are available in a variety of purity grades. NEST is an ideal option for certified (ISO 9001, ISO 13485) and compliant products in terms of laboratory principles.


Plates, Dishes, Flasks

NEST Dishes - Plates

Cell Culture consumables such as Plates, Flasks, Multilayer Flasks, Dishes, Inserts, Cell Scrapers, Bioreactors etc. Read more


Tubes, Erlenmeyer Systems

NEST Bioprocessing

Multi-layer Cell Culture Flask, Biofactory systems, Erlenmeyer Systems, Storage Bottles, Centrifuge Tubes, Carboy etc. Read more

Liquid Handling

Tubes, Pipette Tips, Filters, Racks

NEST Liquid Handling

Centrifuge Tubes, Vials, Pipette Tips, Pipettes, Robotic Tips, Syringe Filter, Filtration Tools, Reservoirs, Racks, Cryogenic Boxes  etc. Read more

Biological Testing

PCR / ELISA Plates and Tubes

NEST Bacteria - Molecular Biology

PCR Plates / Tubes / ELISA Plates, Cuvettes, Petri Dishes, Needles & Loops etc. Read more

Lab Safety

Gloves, Masks, Shoe covers

NEST Lab Safety

Gloves, Masks, Caps, Shoe Covers etc. Read more

NEST Product Catalog
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Instruments and Apparatus

NEST Medical Apparatus and Equipment provide reliable and affordable solutions!


NEST Decapper

Vortex Mixer

NEST Vortex

Shaking Bed

NEST Mixer

Tube Revolver

NEST Revolver

Label Printer

NEST Printer

Cell thawing device

NEST Sample Management