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PAN Biotech offers a wide range of innovative biotechnological products for all areas of cell culture, including serum- and protein-free media, bovine sera (FBS and others) from diferent countries of origin including special variants and a broad variety of classical and special media for cell culture.

PAN Biotech’s portfolio is based on the needs and requirements of customers from research, clinics and biopharmaceutical industry. Production takes place exclusively in cleanroom facilities in Germany, certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Selected PAN Biotech Cell Culture Reagent TOP-Sellers

Accutase Cell Detachment Solution


w: 0.5 mM EDTA,
w: Phenol red. Gentle replacement for Trypsin.

ISF-1 Medium for Hybridoma

ISF-1 media for hybridoma

w: stable Glutamine,
w: Insulin human,
w: 2.438 g/L NaHCO3

PowerStem MSC1 for hMSC

PowerStem media

Serum-free medium for human mesenchymal stem cells.


Penicillin Streptomycin

10,000 U/ml Penicillin,
10 mg/ml Streptomycin 

Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS / FCS) of highest quality

FBS Standard

Standard quality FBS. Available from various origins. Details | Order

FBS Supreme

Standard quality FBS. Negligible batch variation.  Details | Order

FBS Premium

Premium quality FBS for demanding cell types. Details | Order

FBS Gold

BSA addition enhances stability and robustness. Details | Order

FBS Good

Naturally defined. Growth promoting. Higher safety. Details | Order

Cell-specific FBS

FBS for MSC or ES. Details | Order for MSC | Order for ES


FBS Standard, South America


South America origin.
0.2 µm sterile filtered.

Standard quality foetal bovine serum suitable for many different cell types. Reproducible enhanced growth properties.

Sera from various species

Chicken Serum

Donkey Serum

Goat Serum

Horse Serum

Mouse Serum

Lamb Serum

Rabbit Serum

Pig Serum

Rat Serum

Sheep Serum

Human Serum

Human Serum

Easy Transition to a Serum-Free Cell Culture System

Panexin - The Perfect Serum Replacement

Easy handling, full reproducibility, worry-free transition!

Panexin is designed to replace or to reduce serum in the cell culture in a very simple manner. It is suitable for adherent and non-adherent cells. In most cases there is no need to change the basal medium. As Panexin is fully defined and contains no peptones or hydrolysates, lot testing is not necessary anymore. It also allows high reproducibility and simplified downstream process. Panexin contains no growth factors and enables defined proliferation and differentiation of stem cells. Read more

  • Serum replacement or medium supplement to increase the productivity in cell cultures (CHO, MDCK, Vero, Hybridoma etc.)
  • Avoid the exosomes or stimulatory effects of growth factors in serum
  • Prevent the overgrowth of the culture by fibroblasts in coculture or in highly differentiated epithelial primary cultures
  • Guarantee the reproducibility and sensitivity in cell-based in vitro assays.
  • Generally reduce the amount of serum due to ethical concerns, lot-to-lot variability or high costs
Transition to Serum-Free System
Serum vs Serum-free Comparison

Efficiency and growth stimulation of Panexin NTA in DMDM/F12 compared to FBS in different cell lines

Panexin basic

Panexin basic

Defined serum substitute for adherent and non-adherent cells. < 2% animal components.

Panexin CD

Panexin CD

Contains only chemically defined compone. Suitable for for adherent and non-adherent cells.

Panexin NTA

Panexin NTA

Defined serum substitute for more demanding adherent cells. < 2% animal components.

Panexin BMM

Panexin BMM

For the generation of macrophages from mouse bone marrow under serum-free conditions.

"Green your Lab"

Discover PAN Biotech's environmental protection concept


Recycle Boxes

Free collection of PET cell culture bottles of all sizes and suppliers from your laboratory! Simply fill a form…


Waste reducing bags

With the use of 2D and 3D bags, plastic consumption can be reduced enormously by dispensing with PET bottles.


Panexin basic

With serum-free products, the consumption of serum can be reduced or completely replaced.