PROGEN - Rare biomedical research and bacteria antibodies

PROGEN provides a unique portfolio of >1,000 antibodies for biomedical research, > 400 antibodies for pathology and a comprehensive portfolio of rare bacteria antibodies.

PROGEN is DIN EN ISO13485 certified and is made up of a team of experts within AAV and the life sciences and is partnered with gene therapy experts worldwide.

Bacteria Antibodies - Fair Priced!

Rare high quality antibodies for biomedical research

Colon (rat) IHC

p62/SQSTM1 Antibodies

  • The p62/SQSTM1 protein plays a central role in ubiquitin-associated degradation, nuclear signaling, autophagy etc.
  • For monitoring of ubiquitin-associated degradation
  • Flexible use in WB, ICC-IF, IHC and IP – Highly published!

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Perilipin IF staining

Lipid Metablosim - Perilipin Antibodies

  • > 20 antibodies against all five perilipins
  • Mouse monocl. Ab’s and guinea pig polycl. Ab’s
  • Wide range of applications – WB, IHC, IF, ICC
  • Independently validated
Desmosome overview

Desmosome & Cell Adhesion Antibodies

  • > 20 antibodies against almost all desmosome proteins
  • Mono- and polyclonal, some from different hosts
  • Co-staining possible
  • Validated for IHC, WB, IF and ICC

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Keratin overview

Keratin Antibodies

  • > 100 antibodies against several keratins
  • Cytokeratin and hair keratin antibodies
  • Broad range of applications – WB, IHC and IC
  • Positive controls for western blot available