ProtonDx - SmartLid™ Magnetic Viral DNA/RNA Extraction

Proprietray magnetic key and lid for rapid and easy high-yield extractions

The SmartLid Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit leverages a novel (patent pending) sample preparation method for nucleic acid extraction, centring around a proprietary magnetic lid, called SmartLid, to transfer magnetic beads and attached nucleic acids quickly and easily through three simple steps: Lysis, Wash, and Elution.
The procedure is based on magnetic separation and utilizes the fastest collecting superparamagnetic beads on the market. 
  • Completely power‑free process – No need for electricity!
  • Rapid extraction: 12 samples in <10 minutes, reduces pipetting
  • Wide compatibility: works with many sample transport / storage media
  • For cell-free (or nearly cell-free) liquid samples as well as for dry swabs
  • Suitable for a variety of downstream applications

What is SmartLid™?

SmartLid Structure

Video: SmartLid™ Extrtaction

Features & Advantages

Easy to use

Magnetic key and lid enable to easily transfer magnetic beads with attached nucleic acids to the next extraction step.

  • No powered equipment needed
  • Magnetic keys are reusable
SmartLid Workflow1
SmartLid Workflow4 collected beads

Multi-sample processing

The accessories SmartLid Rack and SmartLid Shaker (included in the Starter Kit) provide simultaneous processing of 12 samples and are optimised for an efficient SmartLid workflow, including mixing and bead collection.

SmartLid Shaker
Multiple Sample_SmartLid Rack and Shaker 1


From 12 samples to eluted DNA/RNA in less than 10 minutes.

Average Protocol Duration

Ultra-Pure & High Yield

Ultra-pure DNA/RNA for sensitive downstream applications in molecular biology.

High Yield RNA - COV

Exceptional Recovery Rate

SmartLid provides a higher relative percentage recovery compared with Competitor Q.

Recovery SmartLid

Various Sample Types &
Consistent high performance

Viral nucleic acids can be extracted from cell-free or nearly cell-free liquid media including VTM, eNAT, PBS, water, saliva, serum, plasma, urine, etc. 

Performance of SmartLid with various sample matrices

Contamination-free Workflow

Alternating high-positive samples and negative control samples were extracted in close proximity in a single batch. The raw RT-qPCR readout shows, that all positive samples amplified while all negative samples did not amplify.

Contamination-free Workflow

SmartLid™ Product Specifications



Main Sample Types

Isolated Molecules

Sample Input Volume

Elution Volume

Percentage Yield


Protocol time

Storage conditions

PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR, LAMP, RT-LAMP, dPCR, RT-dPCR (and other amplification chemistries)

Superparamagnetic beads (silica)

Cell-free, or nearly cell-free, liquid media (VTM, eNAT, PBS, water, saliva, serum, plasma, urine, etc.)


200 µl

30-100 µl

>88% recovery

Manual, power-free

Less than 10 minutes

Room temperature (15-25°C)

Easy Workflow - Visible Efficiency

SmartLid is based on a novel (patent pending) magnetic key and lid, designed to quickly and easily transfer magnetic beads and attached nucleic acids through a series of three simple sample extraction steps: Lysis, Wash, and Elution.

Using SmartLid is a simple process that requires no electricity, minimal pipetting, and only three simple steps, enabling market leading ease-of-use.

The visible speed and efficiency of SmartLid is due to market-leading superparamagnetic beads, delivering ultra-fast extractions!

SmartLid Easy Workflow
SmartLid Workflow1

Capture: Magnetic beads capture DNA/RNA for transfer between tubes

SmartLid Workflow2

Collect: Inverting the tube with the Magnetic Key collects the magnetic beads onto the SmartLid.

SmartLid Workflow3
SmartLid Workflow4 collected beads

Transfer: Within seconds the liquid is clear and collection is complete and ready for transfer. Magnetic beads are safely attached to the SmartLid and ready for transfer into the next tube. 

SmartLid™ Product Portfolio

SmartLid™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction
Starter Kit

SmartLid Kit Starter Kit
  • 12 reusable SmartLid magnetic keys 
  • Magnetic beads
  • Lysis buffer
  • Wash buffer
  • Elution buffer
  • 50 SmartLids
  • 150 2mL flip-top tubes
  • SmartLid Shaker
  • Smartlid Rack

SmartLid™ Viral DNA/RNA
Refill Kit

SmartLid Kit Refill
  • Magnetic beads
  • Lysis buffer
  • Wash buffer
  • Elution buffer
  • 50 SmartLids
  • 150 2mL flip-top tubes

Does Not include Magnetic Key and Accessories (Rack & Shaker)

SmartLid™ Accessories: Rack and Shaker

SmartLid Shaker

Process 12 samples at a time!