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> 700 tested Multiplex Arrays, ISO certified Manufacturer

RayBiotech (ISO 13485:2016 certified) manufactures over 700 rigorously tested multiplex arrays.  RayBiotech provides quantitative and semi-quantitative Antibody arrays, Protein arrays, Peptide mapping arrays, Phosphorylation arrays, Glycobiology arrays and RayPlex™, which are Cytometric Bead arrays. All RayBio® arrays are manufactured in the USA.

Check out also RayBiotech’s multiplex array GLP testing services and scanning and analysis services.

Antibody Arrays

More Data, Less Sample!

Antibody arrays are a multiplex assay that simultaneously measures the expression of multiple proteins. They allow a much broader view of protein activity than can be obtained with single-target ELISAs and western blots. Several platforms (planar vs. bead-based) and techniques for visualizing protein expression (chemiluminescent, fluorescent, etc.) can be used depending on the sample or analyte requirements, which allows for a more comprehensive analysis of biological responses and functions and identification of key factors or disease mechanisms. Read more

Immobilized antibodies on a solid support


Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA

Capture 4x the data with much less sample - Process 100s of samples a day

Build a clear and accurate picture of the expression levels of multiple proteins simultaneously with Quantibody® Mulitplex ELISAs.

Combining the specificity and sensitivity of an ELISA with the high throughput of an array, Quantibody® is an array-based multiplex ELISA system for the simultaneous quantitation of multiple cytokines, growth factors, proteases, soluble receptors, and other proteins from a wide range of sample types.

With this platform, you need a mere 50 µL of sample to quantify up to 40 proteins in quadruplicate, making this array 80 times more efficient than traditional ELISA

  • More cost-effective than traditional ELISA
  • High specificity and system reproducibility
  • Suitable for diverse sample types
  • Low sample volume requirement
  • Get results same day (6-hour processing time)
  • Well-suited for high throughput assays
  • Q Analyzer software provides one-step computation
Quantibody Multiplex ELISA Principle


Cytometric Bead Arrays: RayPlex™

Quantitative Multiplex Bead Immunoassay

RayPlex™ Cytometric Bead Arrays enable high throughput multiplex protein detection in a wide variety of sample types with flow cytometry. By using different combinations of microbead sizes and fluorophores, multiple target proteins are analyzed simultaneously. RayPlex™ features low sample volume requirements, high specificity, and high reproducibility using a standard flow cytometer. Read more


  • Quantify up to 25 proteins with 25 µl or less sample
  • 4 hour processing time
  • 5-10x more cost-effective than ELISA
  • Compatible with most flow cytometers (PE and APC channels)

Research Applications

  • High-throughput profiling of cytokine expression
  • Validation of semi-quantitative antibody array results
  • Identifying potential molecular targets for drug development
  • Identifying the molecular mechanisms of drug action
  • Identifying crucial factors involved in disease processes
  • Discovering biomarkers for disease management
  • Discovering expression patterns for molecular classification of diseases


RayPlex Workflow

Representative Data

Categories of Antibody Arrays

  Array Output Support Detection Description  
Quantibody Array Quantibody Quantitative Glass Fluorescent Quantify the amount of your proteins of interest in a wide variety of sample types Read more
C-Series Array C-Series Semi-quantitative Membrane Chemiluminescent Compare the relative changes of your proteins of interest across different experimental conditions Read more
L-Series Array L-Series Semi-quantitative Glass or Membrane Fluorescent or Chemiluminescent Screen a large number of proteins to identify your proteins of interest. Largest array available! Read more
G-Series Array G-Series Semi-quantitative Glass Fluorescent Compare the relative changes of your proteins of interest across different experimental conditions Read more
Phosphorylation Array Phosphorylation Semi-quantitative Glass or Membrane Fluorescent or Chemiluminescent Detect phosphorylated proteins in specific pathways Read more
RayPlex icon RayPlex™ Quantitative Microbeads Flow Cytometer Quantify your proteins of interest in a wide variety of sample types Read more
Antibody icon Isotyping Semi-quantitative Glass Fluorescent

Analyze the levels of different immunoglobulin isotypes

Read more

Protein Arrays

RayBio® Protein Microarrays

RayBio® Protein Arrays are a versatile and innovative series of products featuring immobilized proteins spotted onto a glass slide support to profile serological (auto)antibodies as well as study protein interactions with other proteins, peptides, DNA, and drugs.

Protein arrays are semi-quantitative and allow a much broader view of protein activity than a traditional ELISA. RayBio arrays come in smaller, research specific panels as well as broad screening panels. Read more

Immobilized recombinant proteins on a solid support

  Array Output Support Detection Description  
Allergen Arrays Allergen Semi-quantitative Glass Fluorescent Screen IgG and/or IgE levels for specific allergens Order
Autoimmune Disease Arrays Autoimmune Disease Semi-quantitative Glass Fluorescent Screen specific auto-antibodies associated with autoimmune diseases Order
Cancer Arrays Cancer Semi-quantitative Glass Fluorescent Screen specific auto-antibodies associated with cancer Order
Coronavirus Arrrays Coronavirus Semi-quantitative Glass Fluorescent Display peptides and proteins representing antigens from SARS-CoV-2 as well as other coronaviruses Order
Monkeypox Virus Array Monkeypox Virus Semi-quantitative Glass Fluorescent Display 11 important monkeypox virus proteins, such as A29L, A30L, A33R, A35R, B16R, C19L, D6L, E8L, H3L, I1L, L1R, etc Order
Epitope Mapping Array Epitope Mapping Semi-quantitative Glass Fluorescent Pre-made epitope mapping arrays Order
Porcine Cytokine Array Porcine Cytokine Semi-quantitative Glass Fluorescent

Detect 51 essential pig cytokine proteins in protein-protein interactions, antibody specificity, auto-antibodies, small molecule-protein interactions, etc.


Glycobiology Arrays

Empowering Your Glycomics

RayBio® Glycobiology Arrays are a versatile and innovative series of products designed to detect glycosylation. Glycosylation plays an important role in a wide variety of disease processes including tumor cell metastasis, inflammation and bacterial pathogenesis. The RayBio® Glycobiology Arrays are available in three different formats for detection of glycans or glycan-protein interactions. All 3 formats feature glass slide supports with fluorescent detection.

Glycan Arrays

Finding Glycan binding partners, determining mechanisms of pathogen binding, autoantibody testing, microbiological interactions

  • Immobilized Sugar Moieties (Glycans)
  • 100 or 300 targets
Glycan Array Detection

Glycome Arrays

Determine glycoprotein profile of a  sample

  • Immobilized Antibodies
  • Human, mouse and rat
  • up to 1000 targets

Glycome Array Detection

Lectin Arrays

Determine the sample glycan profile, determine changes in glycan moieties, find novel glycan ligands

  • Immobilized Lectins
  • 70 or 95 targets

Lectin Array Detection

RayBiotech's Array Services

Maximize productivity – Entrust experienced scientists at RayBiotech. RayBiotech can custom-print an array or use off-the-shelf products, conduct the study, and even include data analysis and interpretation.

microarray services

Quantitative Proteomics Services (Quantibody)

Develop deeper insights with precise, ultrasensitive, and quantitative proteomics services.

  • Benefit from RayBiotech’s GLP-compliant Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA platform.
  • Detect up to 1200 human, 640 mouse, 282 rat, 50 porcine, or 30 bovine proteins
  • Receive a full report including all raw data and step-by-step calculations

Discovery Proteomics Services (Semi-quantitative)

Maximize the number of proteins that are simultaneously assessed to efficiently identify key proteins of interest. 

  • Semi-quantitative, high-density arrays
  • Label-based or sandwich-based
  • Screen 8000 human, 1308 mouse, 1500 rat, 50 porcine, 30 bovine, or 500 rabbit proteins, or create a custom array
  • Choose any antibody array product to quickly screen for biomarkers and other targets

Array Scanning and Analysis

  • FREE scanning service for all  glass slide antibody arrays
  • FREE data extraction for G-Series, Quantibody, and L-Series

Microarray Printing Service

Custom microarray printing services for any biomolecules, including antibodies, proteins, glycoproteins, glycolipids, biological fluids, peptides, etc.

Custom Protein Array Services

  • Human Receptors
  • Human Proteins
  • Mouse Proteins
  • Pig (porcine) Proteins
  • Allergen Proteins

Custom Antibody Array Services

  • 8,000 target proteins for human, 1308 mouse, 1500 rat etc.
  • 4 different assay formats
  • Highly specific, validated antibody pairs

Custom Epitope Mapping Arrays

Identify antigen binding sites of an antibody or other protein interactions with high affinity, including those with proteins, chemicals, and DNA.