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MagSi-DNA Trial kit

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MD06028 8x 2ml 190,00 Add

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Product Description

Previously branded under MagnaMedics

Magnetic beads can be used as solid support phase in DNA extraction and purification protocols by a simple bind/wash/elute principle. The products in this category are intended for own development of protocols and are suitable for various sample sources and buffer systems. MagSi-beads for genomic applications are available with a range of physical properties and a silica or carboxyl modified surface. For screening purposes, all different beads are offered in the MagSi-DNA trial kit. The MagSi-DNA trial kit is a complete set of 8 types of 2 mL MagSi beads for genomic applications, offered in a single kit for trial purposes in development of new extraction and purification protocols or as replacement in existing protocols. The kit includes silica beads MagSi-DNA, MagSi-DNA 600, MagSi-DNA allround, MagSi-DNA 3.0 and carboxylated beads MagSi-DNA COOH, MagSi-DNA 600 COOH, MagSi-DNA allround COOH, MagSi-DNA 3.0 COOH.

Category Kit - molecular biology
Supplier magtivio
Application DNA Purification
Product Line Research
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Link To Supplier http://www.magtivio.com
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