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The Original Manufacturer of SPHERO™ Particles

Discover Spherotech’s flow cytometry calibration and alignment particles, coated & functionalized polystyrene particles, magnetic particles, fluorescent particles and imagaing products, gold nanoparticles, silica microspheres etc.

Spherotech’s microparticles are ideal for applications including flow cytometry, EIA, fluorescence and confocal fluorescence microscopy, magnetic cell separation and more.

SPHERO™ Rainbow Calibration Particles (RCP) for flow cytometer calibration

Calibrate the flow cytometer's FITC, PE, PE-TR, PE-Cy5 and APC channels with the same set of particles

SPHERO™ Calibration Particles are designed for routine calibration of flow cytometers. They are used extensively by many laboratories for QC and long term performance tracking. In addition, they are used for routine alignment and calibration in fluorescence and confocal fluorescence microscopy.

The Rainbow Calibration Particles (RCPs) contain a mixture of several similar size particles with different fluorescence intensities. Every particle contains a mixture of fluorophores that allows excitation at any wavelength from 365 to 650 nm. As a result, most channels in the flow cytometer can be calibrated using the same set of particles. Read more

  • Multiple channel use: Multiple fluorophores incorporated in one particle
  • Different fluorescent intensities on the same size particles available
  • Withstand freeze-thaw cycles: diluted particles can be stored frozen
  • Stable for several years
  • Can be sanitized with 70% ethanol or antibiotic agents
Spherotech DotBlot RCP-30-5A

Dot plot of RCP-30-5A

SPHERO™ AccuCount Particles for absolute cell counting by flow cytometry

Count the absolute cell number using a known number of reference particles per mL

The SPHERO™ AccuCount Particles are designed to be used as reference particles with known number of particles per mL for counting the absolute cell number by flow cytometry. 

The SPHERO™ AccuCount Fluorescent Particles are fluorescent in FITC, PE and PE-Cy5 channel. Both AccuCount Fluorescent and AccuCount Blank (nonfluorescent) Particles are available in various particle sizes to accommodate the size of the cells to be counted. In addition, Spherotech also manufactures the AccuCount Rainbow Fluorescent Particles and AccuCount Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles for detection in more fluorescent channels. Read more

  • Contains particles with a known number of particles per mL
  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Available in several sizes to accommodate the target cell size to be counted
  • Provided as blank, fluorescent, Rainbow, or Ultra Rainbow particles that can be used in multiple fluorescent channels of flow cytometers.
Spherotech AccuCount data

Dot plot of an elutriated lymphocyte fraction spiked with ACBP-100-10

Spherotech's Extensive Range of Beads

Coated & Functionalized Polystyrene Particles

Spherotech offers a wide variety of polystyrene particles, fluorescent particles and magnetic particles coated with antibodies, Avidin, Streptavidin and Biotin and other proteins.

Spherotech Biotin Coated Particle

Flow Cytometry Particles

Spherotech offers a wide range of particles used for flow cytometer calibration, alignment, cell counting, cell sorting and compenation.

Spherotech COMPtrol data

Flow Cytometry Multiplex Bead Assays

Designed to simplify multiplex assay development using most flow cytometers: Blue Particle Array Kits 

Used to develop multiplex assays using either PE or PE-Cy5 tracers for detection or used to couple biotinylated proteins, antibodies, or antigens: Fluorescent Particle Array Kits

Spherotech Bead Assay Kit

Gold Nanoparticles

CitrateBiotinStreptavidin or T25 DNA Gold Nanoparticles.

Custom Gold Nanoparticles (Aptamer, Antibody, scFV, PEG & DNA upon request)

Spherotech Citrate-capped Gold Nanoparticle

Imaging Products

Fluorescent Particle Slides can be used for routine alignment and calibration of confocal fluorescent microscopes, laser scanning cytometers and other image systems. More

Spherotech Rainbow Fluorescent Particle Slides

Silica Microspheres

The silica particles offered by Spherotech are non-porous, spherical in shape, and are very uniform in size. These particles have a density of 1.96 g/cm3 and can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. They have been used to adsorb DNA and RNA from cell lysates. More