Navinci - NaveniFlex™ Tissue PLA

Proximity Ligation Assay (PLA) optimized for tissue samples: Detect proteins, protein-protein interactions, or protein modifications in tissue

NaveniFlex™ Tissue kits are specifically optimized for tissue samples to improve sensitivity and to overcome unspecific bindings and common background challenges. The kits deliver highly reproducible and accurate results in tissue samples, even for the least abundant protein interactions.

  • Detect protein-protein interactions or post-translational modifications
  • Detect low abundant proteins in situ
  • Analyze protein interplay in intact tissue morphology 
  • Visualize signals that would otherwise be obscured by background
  • Optimized for FFPE and frozen human and mouse tissue samples

NaveniFlex™ Tissue solves common tissue staining problems

Traditional Staining Problems

A commercial in situ proximity ligation kit X (a, b) was used for Podocalyxin/Ezrin staining in human FFPE breast cancer tissue. The kit produces similar stain in both the positive (a) and the technical negative control (b) due to high background (hazy red staining) which obscures proximity signal.

NaveniFlex Tissue Representative Solution

NaveniFlex™ Tissue
visualizes the Podocalyxin/Ezrin interactions clearly (discrete red specks), free of background (c), and leaves the technical negative control blank (d) in FFPE breast cancer tissue. A picture does say more than a thousand words!

NaveniFlex™ Tissue – Product information

NaveniFlex™ Tissue kits are based on Naveni™ Proximity Ligation Technology, with two Navenibodies conjugated to proprietary oligo arms. The technology ensures specific and sensitive detection. Read more

  • The kits are available for 3 different combinations of host species primary antibodies
  • Each host species combination is available with both fluorophores, TEX615 and Atto647N
  • NaveniFlex™ Tissue includes a secondary detection system (Navenibodies), buffers, and detection reagents
  • Compatible with traditional immunostaining equipment (fluorescent readout)
  • EASY PROCEDURE: The workflow is basically identical to a traditional immunostaining!
NaveniFlex Tissue Reaction

The NaveniFlex™ Tissue kit includes two Navenibodies conjugated to proprietary oligo arms (orange antibodies). Only if the Navenibodies are in close proximity, they generate a rolling circle amplification reaction, leading to a strong and distinct dot that is easily quantifiable. 

NaveniFlex™ Tissue GM

Atto647N or Tex615 (Red)

NaveniFlex Tissue GM-Atto
NaveniFlex Tissue GM-Red

To be used with a goat (G) and mouse (M) primary antibody pair

NaveniFlex™ Tissue GR

Atto647N or Tex615 (Red)

NaveniFlex Tissue GR-Atto
NaveniFlex Tissue GR-Red

To be used with a goat (G) and rabbit (R) primary antibody pair

NaveniFlex™ Tissue MR

Atto647N or Tex615 (Red)

NaveniFlex Tissue MR-Atto
NaveniFlex Tissue MR-Red

To be used with a mouse (M) and rabbit (R) primary antibody pair