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Study protein functional states and interplay in cells, cell pellets or cytospins

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Navinci - Reinventing Immunostaining and in situ proximity ligation

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The Naveni technology offers the possibility to study proteins and their interactions in situ at the molecular level, while maintaining the spatial resolution and integrity of the tissue microenvironment.

Navinci’s researchers are the developpers of the Duolink® technology. With the Naveni technology, they bring the next generation technology to the market.

PLA staining

Assay principle

Navinci NaveniFlex Workflow of PLA

After the incubation with the primary antibody, the sample is incubated with the Navenibodies which function as a secondary antibody. If the Navenibody pairs are in close proximity, they become activated (digestion) and the circle creation is initiated. Once completed the signal is amplified by rolling circle amplification. The resulting fluorescent signal can be read out using a fluorescent microscope and quanitified with most image analysis softwares.

Comparison with Duolink®​

Navinci Duolink comarison
Detection of the β-catenin and E-cadherin interaction in MCF7 cells using NaveniFlex MR and Duolink.

Key Advantages

10x increase in sensitivity compared to traditional PLA

NaveniFlex Kits feature a new proprietary probe design technology providing advantages compared to traditional Duolink® PLA:

  • Enables detection of very low abundant proteins and interactions
  • Only 1/10 of the antibody concentration required
  • Significantly improved signal to noise ratio facilitates quantification

Increased specificity by dual recognition

If a suitable antibody pair is available, the Navinci technology can be used to achieve supreme specificity without background.

Comparison of ACE2 detection by conventional IF and using Navenibodies. Upper images: Kidney mRNA: 100TPM; Lower images: Lung mRNA: 1.8 TPM

Signal Enhancement

The Naveni system features a significantly increased signal compared to conventional IF. Simply replace secondary antibodies with Navenibodies from NaveniFlex MM and RR kits for better results.

Phosphorylation Detection

The Navinci solution allows the detection of posttranslational modifications with unparralleled specificity and no background.

Product Guide

Which NaveniFlex Kit should I choose?

NaveniFlex kits contain Navenibodies (secondary detection antibodies conjugated to proprietary oligo arms) for use with either one or two 1° IgG antibodies raised in mouse (M), rabbit (R) or goat (G). Three fluorophore alternatives are included.

One 1° Ab + NaveniFlex MM or RR

  • Signal enhancement of low abundant targets 
  • In case of insufficient sensitivity

Two 1° Ab + NaveniFlex MR, GR or GM

  • in case of unspecific binding 
  • increased specificity in protein localization
  • investigation of protein interactions 
  • investigation of protein modifications
NaveniFlex Kits

Flexible PLA Kits

NaveniFlex MM
NaveniFlex RR

NaveniFlex MM or RR

Detects single mouse primary antibodies (MM) or single rabbit primary antibodies (RR)

Navaniflex MR

NaveniFlex MR, GM or GR

Detects proximity between a combination of mouse / rabbit / goat pairs of primary antibodies

Naveni Bright AP and HRP

NaveniBright AP or HRP

Chromogenic detection of proteins, protein–protein interactions, or protein modifications in cultured cells, in fresh-frozen or FFPE samples. To be used with a mouse & rabbit primary antibody pair.

Naveni TriFlex Cell Reaction

Naveni TriFlex Cell MR

Detect and quantify total protein A and  B, and the interaction between AB. To be used with a mouse & rabbit primary antibody pair. Works with cells, cell pellets and cell cytospin.

NaveniFlex Tissue Example2
NaveniFlex Tissue Example1

NaveniFlex Tissue GM, GR or MR

In situ proximity ligation assay kit optimized for tissue samples. for a combination of mouse / rabbit / goat pairs of primary antibodies. Detection fluorophores: Atto 647N or Tex615 Red

Target specific PLA Kits

Naveni Post Translational Modifications (PTM)

Navinci pTyr

Naveni pY

Target specific assays to detect and quantify Post Translational Modifications, such as phosphorylated proteins, in cultured cells, fresh-frozen and FFPE samples. The primary antibody system is included and optimized!

Naveni Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI)

NaveniFlex RR

Naveni PD1/PD-L1

Specific and optimized in situ kits for detection of protein protein interactions in cultured cells, fresh-frozen, and FFPE samples. The primary antibody system is included and optimized!